WoW! It's Marty

Another podcast about World of Warcraft. Hosted by Marty.

About the show

This is a podcast about Marty's adventures in World of Warcraft. Marty is an almost level 40 human in real life, but usually plays a max level human priest in World of Warcraft. The show will most likely focus on the story on Azeroth and the PvE sides of things. Maybe with some PvP and RP sprinkled in here and there - but don't get your hopes up!


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    Level 11: Castle Nathria w/ Cyrub

    17 December 2020  |  42 mins 27 secs
    castle nathria, cy, cyrub, it's marty, podcast, raid, raiding, scrubs, warcraft, wow

    We have entered Castle Nathria so I invited my raiding friend Cyrub from Scrubs vs. the World podcast over for some initial reactions to the raid.

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    Level 10: Gushing over WoW w/ Dusty Porter

    9 December 2020  |  42 mins
    dusty porter, gushing, it's marty, podcast, shadowlands, warcraft, week 2, wow

    We have rediscovered our love for WoW. I'm sure you can hear that on my conversation with Dusty Porter.

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    Level 9: First Week, First Impressions

    3 December 2020  |  44 mins 41 secs
    it's marty, launch, leveling, michael, podcast, shadowlands, skarzynsky, warcraft, week 1, wow

    The first week is over and I'm having chat with Mike about leveling, dungeoning, and all the things we've done in week 1.

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    Level 8: It's Tomorrow

    25 November 2020  |  53 mins 8 secs
    ali, charactercraft, dungeon fables, it's marty, podcast, rig, sil, warcraft, whispers of war, wow

    I had Ali, Rig, and Sil on as guests and we talked about how excited we are about the Shadowlands launch.

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    Level 7: Back to Icecrown w/ Rig from CharacterCraft

    18 November 2020  |  33 mins 6 secs
    it's marty, podcast, warcraft, wow, wowpodcast

    The pre patch event is in full swing and I return to Icecrown together with my friend Rig from CharacterCraft.

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    Level 6: While We Wait w/ Frazley Sparkspan

    11 November 2020  |  38 mins 25 secs
    awesome gnome, frazley, it's marty, podcast, sparkspan, waiting, warcraft, wow

    The awesome gnome Frazley Sparkspan stopped by for a quick chat while we are waiting for the pre-patch event.

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    Level 5: Pre-Patch-Chat

    28 October 2020  |  34 mins 43 secs
    it's marty, podcast, pre, pre-patch, shadowlands, sil, warcraft, whispers of war, wow

    The Pre-patch is upon us so I take a quick look at the changes together with Sil from Whispers of War podcast.

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    Level 4: One Main vs. Army of Alts

    21 October 2020  |  38 mins 44 secs
    all hallow scream, alts, army, it's marty, main, podcast, skarzynsky, warcraft, wow

    Do you main one character in World of Warcraft or do you play an army of alts? Marty with help from Michael (All Hallow Scream podcast) talks about that.

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    Level 3: Delayed

    14 October 2020  |  40 mins 37 secs
    delay, dusty porter, it's marty, podcast, warcraft, wow

    Shadowlands got delayed. And what do you feel about that?

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    Level 2: Afterlives

    7 October 2020  |  38 mins 52 secs
    afterlives, cinematics, it's marty, podcast, sascz, translucidity, warcraft, wow

    In this weeks level Marty is talking about the good and the bad in the Afterlives cinematics.

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    Level 1: Battle for Azeroth in the Rear Mirror

    29 September 2020  |  49 mins 51 secs
    azeroth, battle, bfa, it's marty, podcast, thom knight, three extra lives, warcraft, wow

    Battle for Azeroth is as good as over. So let's have a quick review before we enter the Shadowlands.